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Dal-Tile manufactures, distributes and markets high-quality ceramic tile and natural stone products. Dal-Tile is the largest ceramic tile manufacturer in the U.S. and one of the largest tile manufacturers in the world.

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Brancacci The splendor, harmony and elegance of Roman architecture come to life with Brancacci. Equally at home on both floors and walls, this breathtaking glazed tile captures the essence of classic Italian craftsmanship that has withstood the test of time. Color Line

Calabria A soft color palette and rich, subtle veining give Calabria the look of light, satin marble. It fills any room - from kitchen and dining areas to living and entry spaces - with warm elegance. And whether the décor of your home is classic or contemporary, you'll find a number of accent pieces for creating complementary patterns on floors and walls. Color Line

Canaletto In 1723, the Venetian painter Canaletto painted dramatic, topographic and picturesque views of Venice, marked by strong contrasts of light and shade. Today, Canaletto glazed porcelain shares a similar artistry with its namesake. A perfect interpretation of tumbled natural antique travertine, this tile captures the beauty of stone with its random coloration. Its unique variation in veining and color also means no two tiles are exactly alike. A distinctive "clipped" corner is one of the defining elements of this tile, which can be complemented with coordinating glass, tumbled stone, metal and granite. Color Line

Capriccio Color Line

Castle de Verre Color Line

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Concrete Connection Color Line

Continental Slate The intriguing colors and cleft surface of Continental Slate are a near perfect recreation of natural slate. Its inspired tones have a high degree of shade variation, so they complement practically any decor. Made of porcelain, Continental Slate is not only durable enough for kitchens, baths, and living areas, it can also be used in demanding outdoor and commercial environments. Color Line

Cotto Antico A softly textured porcelain tile with the look of antique cotto. Cotto Antico makes it easy to create a coordinated yet dramatic look in kitchens, baths, and living areas. That's because its palette of two traditional colors and three lighter colors work well to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The Cotto Antico line also includes bold decorative tile and an array of trim sizes which can be combined to create striking designs. Color Line

Cristallo Glass Color Line

Del Lavoro While traversing the Italian countryside, one can't help but notice the rough hewn tiles that hearken back to ancient days. Today, the durable and robust beauty of these tiles can also be seen in Del Lavoro. With its rough, chiseled edges and random shade variation, this Colorbody Porcelain tile exudes an antiqued appearance that resembles that of natural stone. Available in modular sizes, Del Lavoro combines unexpected patterns with stylish colors for a truly unique room. Color Line

Design Porcelain Color Line

Designer Colours The wide range of exciting colors in the Designer Colours series may make your selection difficult - but you'll certainly enjoy the dilemma. Designer Colours long wearing matte finish is slip-resistant, yet easy to clean. Color Line

Devonshire Color Line

Edgefield Edgefield's rustic appearance is enhanced by a soft color palette, giving it a warm elegance that complements any décor - from the classic to the contemporary. Color Line

Fabrique Color Line

Fashion Accents Color Line

Festiva Festiva makes short work of creating attractive applications. Modern colors and multiple sizes are hallmarks of this fashionable, coordinated tile. Festiva's color palette includes over twenty colors with a warm feel - colors that reflect today's natural sensibilities and coordinate with our Natural Hues floor tile. A non-stock item that is made to order, Festiva's many field tile sizes are complemented by a broad trim offering. Color Line

Florenza Color Line

Glass Reflections Like a fine diamond, Glass Reflections are valued for their translucent nature. Made of impervious glass, they capture and diffuse light, creating a sense of depth that enriches any room. Available in a variety of sizes, they can be used to line walls or create intricate patterns that magnify this effect. And because they also come in a wide range of colors, Glass Reflections are ideal for adding a touch of luminescent depth to other tiles. Color Line

Gold Rush This rustic ceramic tile has a unique textured surface and rough-hewn appeal reminiscent of California's Gold Rush days. In six contemporary color options, four sizes, and deco designs, Gold Rush can be mixed and matched to create striking designs and patterns on floors and walls of any room, even living areas..... Gold Rush is good as gold. Color Line

Keystone Shapes Color Line

Keystones In a wide variety of colors ranging from earth tones to brights, Keystones ceramic mosaics borrow nature's beauty as well as its strength. Keystones will resist frost, weathering, staining and fading, and are virtually waterproof. Inorganic stains are precisely blended with procelain raw materials and kiln-fired to create Keystones' distinctive look. Color Line

La Costa La Costa is a perfect recreation of timeworn natural stone. Even its edges are scalloped to recreate the rough-hewn appearance of aged stone. The rustic look of La Costa is further enhanced by a natural color palette that complements both contemporary and traditional decors. The distinctive accents and decorative trim of La Costa add a touch of refinement to kitchens, baths, and other living areas. And because it's made of porcelain, La Costa's many modular sizes can also be used in outdoor applications like patios. Color Line

Landscape The subtle aura of its sand-like appearance is enhanced by a weathered, aged look. Landscape tile is certainly intended to age well. Porcelain is the strongest of all tiles to ensure a long, beautiful life. Color Line

Maracas Glass Color Line

Matte The subdued, low-luster finish of this glazed interior tile sets it apart from other tiles. Tasteful colors also add to the appeal of Matte tile, available in a variety of gentle earth tones. Color Line

Metal Signatures Full of rich detail traditionally found only in the works of metal artisans, Metal Signatures can be used individually to enhance the elegance of ceramic and stone tiles, or combined to create dramatic focal points. Each tile is cast from a handcrafted original chosen for its timeless beauty. In addition to field tiles that reflect a classic tile or stone look, there are also elaborate Baroque and Tuscany-influenced designs. All have either an aged-iron or aged-bronze appearance. Metal Signatures gives you a variety of options from rosettes and decos to border and trellis pieces that make it easy to bring Old World Beauty into the home. Color Line

Modern Dimensions Color Line

Monticito Monticito offers the exquisite style of marble in a durable, easy-to-maintain color through body porcelain tile. The delicately veined appearance and subtle shading creates the true look of marble. Monticito comes in three classic colors, which work well in any environment and is sure to make an instant impression. Color Line

Morlais Color Line

Navelli Color Line

Paraiso Color Line

Passaggio Passaggio captures the timeless elegance of antique Tuscan stone. The timeworn appearance of its lightly weathered surface is enhanced by slightly chiseled edges and a series of richly detailed accents in ceramic and natural stone. Color Line

Pietre Vecchie Pietre Vecchie was created to mimic the antique travertine stone found in Rome and quarried centuries ago from the shores of the Timor river. A stone recreation, this glazed porcelain has a richly layered veining and warm color palette that lends a natural elegance to all types of spaces. Pietre Vecchie has small tumbled mosaic pieces that can be used to create borders and accents - or backsplashes and shower floors. In addition, Pietre Vecchie also includes tiles with more generous dimensions that make it easy to appreciate the unique tone-on-tone movement found in each tile. Color Line

Polaris Polaris tile is as fresh as meadow flowers. The group is anchored by a pure white field tile so brilliant, it's almost iridescent. It's offered in undulated and semi-gloss surfaces. In addition, the group features a rich, lustrous almond field tile in a gloss surface. Color Line

Portenza An impressive recreation of the most prized colors of slate found around the world. Portenza is unlike any other glazed porcelain tile. Remarkable striations exhibiting a high degree of color variation run across its softly weathered surface, giving it the timeless beauty of ancient stone. Tumbled accent tiles with lightly chiseled edges and patterned mosaic borders that have a tea stain effect further enhance Portenza's antique appearance. The many unique sizes of Portenza make it easy to grace floors, walls and counters with uncommon richness and warmth. Color Line

Quarry Tile These unglazed quarry tiles are naturally stain- and slip-resistant, and are available with an abrasive grain for even greater traction. Color Line

Ridgeview Ridgeview glazed floor tile brings timeless beauty to any setting. Notable for its light rustic elegance and six soothing colors, Ridgeview brings the beauty of nature indoors. Color Line

Rittenhouse Square Rittenhouse Square takes the challenge out of coordinating design elements. This series of striking, 3"x6", matte and semi-gloss finish wall tiles includes everything from neutrals to brightly colored solids - colors designed to complement our popular wall and mosaic tile lines. Whether you're remodeiling a home or finishing out a commercial space, Rittenhouse Square and its matching 3"x6" trim simplify the task of creating exciting walls and backsplashes. Color Line

Salerno Color Line

Saltillo Hand-made from raw clay. Saltillo tile is known for its beauty, unique look and natural coloration. These one-of-a-kind terra cotta pavers are made from a unique clay found almost exclusively in North Central Mexico. The tiles vary widely in size, shades and texture from one to another, adding to the distinctive characteristics of its look. Adding to its visual appeal is the multiple shape and size offering and two embossed decorative accents. Select the tile and look which best suits your individuality and enjoy some south of the border ambiance in your own home. Color Line

San Mateo Color Line

Scabos Inspired by cross-cut travertine, Scabos has soft, natural hues and a satin-finish that are appealing to the eye. Its traditional large-format sizes are perfect for creating any number of distinctive looks. And whether your home is from a traditional era or contemporary, you'll find its rustic stone appearance makes it easy to fashion an elegant atmosphere with your own personal touch. Color Line

Semi Gloss Color Line

Sonterra Collection The Sonterra Collection is proof that beauty not only lies in the eye of the beholder, it also fits in the palm of your hand. These glass mosaic tiles come in a unique spectrum of colors. Some have an iridescent quality that makes them sparkle and shimmer like a fine gemstone, while others are melted and blended to create opalized glass. Both types create an air of refinement when used to cover walls, create patterns or accent other luxurious tiles. Color Line

Stone Glen Color Line

Terra Antica At first glance, Terra Antica is a stunning tile that emits a pure, Old World charm. Designed to simulate terra cotta but, upon further inspection, one can easily recognize the thoroughly modern design influences that are also at work. Random shading highlights this dazzling combination of textures and colors, making Terra Antica the perfect solution for both residential and commercial environments. It comes in four distinct colors, a variety of sizes and is enhanced by dramatic borders and corners with metallic insets. With an imported Mediterranean feel, Terra Antica brings a classic yet modern look to floors, walls, countertops, and more. Color Line

Timber Glen Color Line

Union Square Color Line

Urban Metals Color Line

Veranda From a sense of casualness to sleek sophistication, Veranda's beauty lies in its versatility. This stylish tile is comfortable and understated and makes itself right at home in a wide range of environments. Paired with distinctive accents and trim, its available in a variety of sizes, which makes for fresh pattern options. Rich, progressive colors come alive in a look that is evocative of smooth, stained concrete. With its clean, graceful artistry, Veranda suits a variety of tastes and complements today's eclectic lifestyles. Color Line

Villa Valleta Color Line

Village Bend A delicately textured tile with the rustic appearance of natural stone, Village Bend makes it easy to create a coordinated yet dramatic look in kitchens, baths and living areas. Color Line

Vitrestone Select This rugged glazed tile lends a natural, granite look to floors. That's fitting, since they also have the strength of stone. This tile passes the test of time with flying colors. Color Line