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Furniture Arrangement Advice

Arranging your furniture can sometimes feel like a daunting task.  You don’t want to keep moving those large pieces of furniture around.  Here are a few quick pieces of advice when it comes to placing your furniture and highlighting a focal point in a room:

When you begin to place your furniture pieces, remember what you want the room to highlight and the best traffic patterns.  This particular room has a great fireplace that should be the focal point.  With the arched entry space to the left and the antique wood cabinet on the right, the fireplace becomes the center of the room.

The seating area is arranged in a way where the couches and loveseats are all facing the fireplace.  Again, this is highlighting the fireplace and keeping it as the room’s focal point. Make sure the seating area is conducive for conversations.  If people were seated on all three seating options, it would be easy to see and hear everyone.

The area rug helps ground the entire room scene.  It’s in the center of the room and anchors the brown couch and the two love seats.  Because of its position in the center of the room, it continues to bring the attention to the fireplace.

It’s simple, find the focal point of the room and highlight it.  It could be a fireplace, artwork, the television, an area rug, etc.  Also, keep in mind that an area rug is a great solution for anchoring the seating arrangement in a room

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