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Let the Sunshine In

If you’re one of those people who thrive in the summer, you don’t have to let winter take you down. Instead, make your home a center for sunshine on even the greyest day. Here are a few simple ways to bring the sun in.

Use yellow: No more sunshiny color exists than yellow. Accessories, upholstery or paint as shown in this room can create a quick summer feel. One caution here, a lovely lemon yellow in the store can end up feeling like egg yolk on your walls. Yellow only gets darker and more prominent when it covers a room. Choose a yellow at least one shade lighter than you think you’ll want, and you’ll get it right.

Bring in honey colored wood: Darker wood tones are great for autumn and winter spaces, but consider lighter wood in honey tones for a summer ambience. Maple flooring such as the choice here pairs well with natural cherry as seen on the coffee table. A few dark pieces can help anchor a room, but keep the bulk of wood tones in the light range to keep summer inside.

Be generous with lighting: Ceiling can lights such as the one above the fireplace in this room wash the walls with light and warm up a space. Don’t be sparing with your light options. In addition to installed lighting, use up-lighting behind larger pieces of furniture as well as floor and table lamps. You may want to pick up some full-spectrum bulbs also, to capture the sun’s natural tones in your home.

Keep colors light and bright: Apple green, orange, pink, and yellow of course keep the sunny spirit alive in a room.

Add greenery: Fresh flowers as well as house plants can make a home feel summery because of our natural response to the warmth of living foliage. If your thumb is particularly green, you may even consider placing a few small potted trees behind chairs or sofas.

In a few steps, you can turn your home into a summer hideaway, even if it’s cold and snowy outside. So use design to bring summer in and feel warm all winter long.

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